Junior Club


Our junior clubs run most Saturday except bank holidays at the Brunel Climbing Wall. The earlier session from 10:00 until 11:30 is the Mini-Mountaineers, and is for less experienced, and/or younger climbers. The later session from 11:30 until 13:00 is for more experienced and older climbers.


We accommodate for 4 distinct groups within each session:


Taster - The focus is getting these climbers off the ground as much as possible, and working as a group in a simple bell-ringing system to develop the ideas of safety, teamwork and responsibility. This is for the youngest climbers who would struggle to belay, or first-time climbers so we know where best to move them. 


Beginner - After becoming comfortable enough with the climbing, movement and being physically able to start learning belaying and tying in, kids and juniors will move into this group. The focus is ropework, self-competence and responsibility.


Supervised - When the junior is showing consistency with their belaying and tying in, they will move into this group. Here, they will work in pairs but still require constant supervision and double-checking, but where possible will be given the independence to climb with reduced input from the instructor to develop confidence and independence, ready to move on to the next level.


Coached - When a junior is at a point when their belaying and tying in is at a point where supervision is only required due to them being under 18, they will start to be coached on movement and fitness skills. Sam will run this session, climbing shoes and chalk are needed!



Bookings required in advance

£15 Drop In

£40 for 4 Sessions