About Us

Mission Statement

This Way Up is all about giving people the guidance, skills and confidence to live their own adventures.


What We Do

We used to provide expertise with Indoor and Outdoor Climbing, as well as Hill and Mountain Walking. We help climbers - or potential climbers - of all abilities, ages and walks of life. If you are a beginner, looking to overcome a fear, a school or charity looking for a rewarding session or an experienced climber looking to brush up on some skills we have something for you.


What Inspired Us?

Social media, technology and access rights are developing in such a way to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone. The great outdoors has long been the source of challenges, inspiration and escape for all of us. With the recent increased interest however, people should be equally competent as they are keen to get out there and continue enjoying these amazing opportunities we have on our doorsteps.


Simply, we have always wanted to help people.


Big thank you to Dean Breaker for helping us realise this idea.